A preview of changes in Android L

Google announced Android L at I/O last week, they didn’t delve into much detail and it didn’t show many features. They didn’t announce a new Nexus device or actually release Android either. It’s only available as a developer preview on 2 devices. I’ve looked into it and it’s not a stable release for your main phone as of yet. The reason for this preview release is that I/O was purely aimed at developers. Google wants to give developers enough time to be able to design their apps for Android L using Material Design, their new design language across all platforms.

  • Notifications have been redesigned completely, now available via the lock screen and a new heads up notification style is available. Notifications
  • Material Design, a new design language that is visual and responsive. It also spans all of Google’s platforms. Think along the lines of Microsoft’s Metro. style-color-colorstory-01_large_mdpi
  • Multitasking now allows developers to have multiple screens per app, your Chrome bookmarks will also be part of the multitasking view. Personally I don’t think this is a good idea because many users have many tabs open and this will just create clutter. Hopefully an off switch will be available.
  • The new ART runtime will be switched on by default, along with it are 5000 new APIs
  • Personal unlocking, which allows your device to skip your Android pin if you’re at home or are near your wearable devices
  • Enterprise integration will allow enterprises to take full advantage of your Android by allowing enterprise apps to sit alongside your personal apps, they’ve also started to integrate Samsung Knox which is become the Android standard in enterprise.




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