Galaxy S5, more of the average copycat you can expect from Samsung

Full Disclosure: I’m by no means an Apple fanboy.

Samsung Band-aid

So.. yet again Samsung has decided to ‘stay’ ‘ahead’ of the curve while being the same unoriginally average copycat that they are. It infuriates me how much they copy and I’m not even an Apple fan boy. At least when Apple copied they changed things for the better.

From what I’ve been reading

  • Boring ‘safe’ design. Since Apple won their trial and proved Samsung copied, their hardware design it’s gotten worse
  • It comes in bandaid and Nexus 7 2012 models
  • Slightly larger display, really Samsung you can only increase your display size to improve your spec sheet year over year by so much
  • Terrible implementation of the fingerprint scanner. No surprise there.

  • The heart rate monitor is nothing new, many apps can read your heartrate from your LED or camera.
  • Samsung TouchWiz UI and apps, need I say more?

As you can tell, I’m not impressed with Samsung nor will I ever be. They continue to copy what Apple does a year after they do it and what’s worse is that it’s always just a blatant copy with no thought as to what problems they’re trying to solve for consumers. They’ve always approached their hardware and software design from a “What looks better on a spec sheet?” perspective. Often completely ignoring what problems they’re trying to solve and how. The fingerprint scanner and S Voice are prime examples of gimmicks that look good on paper and in advertising yet completely fail in implementation.

I’m surprised their interface didn’t change completely too, oh wait I suppose 5 months isn’t enough time to completely overhaul a mobile phone UI and update all apps too. Maybe the S6 will…

Thanks to Marques Brownlee for the Samsung Bandaid reference and image.