SwiftKey’s Note is a great way to penetrate iOS and eventually Windows Phone

Since SwiftKey introduced it’s Android keyboard I’ve never used any other. It’s fast, intuitive, customisable and it learns! I can typically type full sentences with just a few touches.

Unfortunately iOS users never knew what they were missing out on because they’re stuck on the stock iOS keyboard. There’s nothing wrong with it.. but that’s just it.. it’s just a plain keyboard that just does that. Some thought that since the iPhone 5 stretched the screen that it should have given way for Apple to add word predictions but they never did.  And they never allowed 3rd party keyboards so SwiftKey was always going to be stuck to Android only.

SwiftKey has figured out a way to penetrate iOS with a simple yet clever note taking app that has the prediction engine that SwiftKey is famous for.

The SwiftKey note app has 3 key features

  • Smarter autocorrect that learns from the user
  • Predicts your next word
  • It’s synchronized with Evernote to the cloud

I think what’s important about this is how clever SwiftKey has been about this, they’ve been able to enter a platform that has blocked them. If this is a success then they can also replicate this on Windows Phone giving making them a player in all major smartphone markets.

Download the app from iTunes here.


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