Google Now’s latest update is… “In your face”

Dear Google,

Your latest Google Now update on Android has gone backwards and has a “In your face” attitude that I’m not liking.

Home ScreenGoogle Now TransitionGoogle Now

1. Constant notifications for weather, transport and others that I can’t turn off

  • I don’t want these on my notifications because I have to constantly swipe them away
  • It’s annoying that I used be able to control the notification for each card. Now you think you know what’s best for me, you don’t
  • Turning off the notifications for Google Now means I don’t get actually important reminder notifications. Silly right?

2. Google Now is available by swiping from the left in the Google Experience Launcher (GEL) and I can’t turn off

  • It’s actually more convenient for me to have more app shortcuts to the left and right of my home page rather than Google Now
  • It takes more swipes now to get to my other apps since I have to swipe to the right twice, you’ve added a +1 swipe to each extra home page
  • Why can’t I just turn this off without disabling Google Now entirely? I want to use Google Now just not by swiping from the left

I know what you’re thinking, just don’t use GEL. Well turning something off isn’t a solution. There are a few reasons why I actually want to use it..

  • I like the look of the new launcher
  • The large icons are nice
  • Widgets aren’t part of the app drawer
  • The ability to only have the amount of home screens that you use instead of a hard 5 is a nice change
  • Transparent navigation buttons and notifications!
  • It signifies Kit Kat 4.4 for me. It’s about the only visual change that Kit Kat introduced. At the least the main change.

I know that you’ve put Google Now a swipe away because not all devices have soft buttons which means a swipe up from the home button is not applicable to most devices but you’ve ignored the Nexus line of products by doing this.

Fear not, there are simple solutions to the above problems

  • Add a “Turn off Google Now from the left swipe” switch
  • Bring back the full list of cards in settings and allow me to control the notifications for each (Even Google Now on iOS at least lets you turn on and off cards)


What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.

Google Now.


10 thoughts on “Google Now’s latest update is… “In your face”

  1. 1. You can turn off certain notifications by clicking the 3-dot menu button on the top right of that Google Now card.

    2. Nova Launcher Prime would allow you to have pretty much everything you listed without the Google Now swipe left.

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  3. To all those who say he should just get a new launcher, fine, it’s a possibility. You know what else is a possibility? Google improving their own product from the opinions of the users.

    I know what Google is doing here, and I don’t think they’re gonna stop. Google Now is their way to chain you into their services indefinitely. Of course they want to put it front-and-center and in-your-face. I think most people don’t know about Google Now or really understand it’s power so they’re trying to push it more and educate users. This is an extension of putting the search bar on and not letting you remove it.

    • Sure it is but whatever they do, you can’t please everyone. The beauty of Android is that you can customize it to suit your needs.

      • And I’m not disagreeing with that, but people are allowed to have an opinion. He’s not trying to rally pitchforks and torches, but to have an open conversation on the direction Android is heading and what people think of it.

      • I understand that and I never criticized him for having those opinions. I just offered somewhat a solution for the things that are shortcomings in his eyes. Some people actually like the Google Experience Launcher. I don’t but different strokes…

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