It’s no longer Steve’s Apple, it’s Tim’s Apple now


The guys at iSource have a very nice write up about what the iPhone 5c represents to Apple. They’ve taken a slightly different angle in their article than what I’m going to write about.

It got me thinking that time has gone by long enough that Steve’s influence has worn off (not completely) and Tim’s is starting to show. What Apple has done with the iPhone 5c is very clever, they’ve essentially made it look slightly different but kept most of the iPhone 5’s internals.

They’ve done that for 3 reasons

  1. To the general consumer it’s a shiny new iPhone, it looks different therefore it must be new! To a certain extent it’s going after the younger crowd and the developing markets. (Although I personally think that’s why they have the iPhone 4s at the lowest price point)
  2. Apple has figured out that they can sell a lot more of the previous generations hardware by just slapping on a cheaper case to manufacture. This is also coupled with the likely price drop from suppliers for previous generation hardware.
  3. Please investors, if this maneuver can increase their profit which it likely will then Apple’s profits will start climbing again which will increase their market cap.

Call me naive but I don’t think Steve would have done this, Steve was always about consolidating product lines and removing choice from the user, less choice means quick and easy choice. Steve was about having the best possible product and only the best. This is where the iPhone 5s comes into play, it’s Apple’s best choice.


What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.

The iPhone 5C isn’t about marketshare after all | iSource.


One thought on “It’s no longer Steve’s Apple, it’s Tim’s Apple now

  1. Definitely. It’s hard to think that Steve thought he could create a Steve Jr, and that is he didn’t. Tim is savvy and Apple won’t burn down or anything but there will be growing pains as it transforms into a different company.

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