LG Google Nexus 5


Nexus 5

It’s exciting times as speculations and leaks begin to come out. The LG Google Nexus 5 is shaping up to be a great smartphone to own. For me the low Nexus prices and buying them out of contract mean I can cheaply update my smartphone each year!

From the leaks/rumours so far we know what it looks like, we’ve got glimpses of Android KitKat 4.4, price and specifications. They’re shaping up to be a winning combination.

The form factor and hardware design are a very welcome step up from Nexus 4 which sported a rather ‘plain’ hardware design. Google has worked with LG to bring a little more flare to the design as you can see above.

Android KitKat 4.4

Android 4.4 from what we know so far has a slightly revised UI. This includes the colour of the status bar matching the colour of the app that is running, this providers a more ‘fullscreen’ feeling for the apps. Some of the Android icons have changes as well, sporting a flatter cleaner look. There is a leak that suggest payments will be built into the OS, while I’d love this to be the case I’m not holding my breath that this will be an out of the box feature for any country apart from USA.

The price is rumored to be $350USD although we’re not sure which version this is for. The rumor mill has it that it will come in 16 and 32GB variants so likely $350 for the 16GB version. Which is much cheaper than any other Android smartphone with similar specs from other manufacturers such as HTC, Sony and Samsung.

The hardware will be top of the line. That’s about as much as it matters to say these days when it comes to smartphones. It rivals the leading smartphone manufacturers’ flagship devices. Here are the rumored specs anyway for the Nexus 5 which will include a Full HD screen either 5in or 5.2in in size, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor clocked at 2.3GHz and 3GB of RAM.

What we don’t know just yet is how good the camera is going to be on the Nexus 5, all we know is that’ it’s potentially an 8MP camera. I do have to say that was the most disappointing feature of the Nexus 4, a mediocre camera. Something that most manufacturers don’t have a grip on often just purchasing off the shelf components from suppliers.

As of writing this article Google is yet to announce a date for the release or press conference. Speculation is late october which is fast approaching!

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