You’ll forget about Samsung’s Gear very soon

This is why Samsung fails. 1 day battery life, a camera and sluggish UI.

In typical Samsung fashion they’re cramming extra functionality that is meant to appeal to the average consumer. A combination of unintuitive and unclear use cases.

My main pain points with the Gear is the short battery life, the presence of a camera.. yes the presence of a camera and the reported sluggish and unintuitive UI (did you really expect better from Samsung??)

Why such a short battery life? It lasts just a day and worse it likely shortens your smartphone’s already short but precious battery life. Watches have batteries that last years! Now I have to put up with a device that is going to be more of a hassle than a help. It’s also reported that a dock is required to charge the ‘smart’ watch.

Having a camera on it just shows that Samsung is just trying to be first to the market with a typically average device. What’s the point of a camera when it needs to be linked with your phone which will have a better camera anyway?

Samsung is famous in my eyes for having sluggish and unintuitive UIs in general. Nothing ever produced by them has been snappy and intuitive. Their phones, tablets, TVs and now watches all suffer from sluggish UIs due to bloating from their extra software that is often built in just to add bullet points to spec sheets.

Something that most people will also consider is the price. $299 USD which is expensive. Compare that to a brand new 7″ tablet such as the Nexus 7 and it’s a lot harder to justify the price. This is by no means an impulse buy.

If Samsung is looking to replace ‘dumb’ watches with this, they’re going about it the wrong way.

Enough ranting, what are your thoughts?


3 thoughts on “You’ll forget about Samsung’s Gear very soon

  1. I can see the rationalisation for the 1 day battery life; you make it a habit to put the watch on the dock on your bedside table every night. Do you really wear a watch to bed? The dock afaik is wireless, so charging is as simple as placing it on it’s mat every night.

    Samsung love to pack features into their devices, yes. I don’t think it’s just to pack the spec sheet, I they are trying to innovate in their own way, like with MultiWindow; some of it sticks, and some doesn’t. They throw everything they can at the wall and see what needs to be continued.

    I can’t say they have the best track record for performance, but I have had no issues with navigating their interfaces. I guess it’s what you’re used to.

    I got nothing to rant about with the Gear, but I’m not going to buy one. Another gadget I wouldn’t mind playing with but would mind paying for. That includes the Nexus 7, Google Glass, PS4, and Tesla Model S 😉

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