Google Samsung Galaxy S4


Google’s best idea yet! Selling 3rd party devices via Google Play with a pure Android experience!

Every new phone that’s released I’ve thought “Too bad it doesn’t have stock Android”, but now hopefully all the popular flagship devices will come with stock Android when purchased from Google Play.

This will quiet everyone that cries fragmentation. No longer will the Samsung S4 take months to get the new Android update because Google will be in charge of that! I’m waiting on the next Android version because I want to see how Google and Samsung are going to handle the update process, because in theory the Google Samsung Galaxy S4 will receive the next Android update before Samsung’s will.

Google is being very smart about this, frankly it should have happened a lot sooner. Imagine being able to buy HTC, Samsung, Motorola and others with pure Android experiences. This allows a general consumer to buy them and not have to worry about having to flash a stock ROM on their devices to receive earlier updates. Frankly I’ve never thought any of the 3rd party operating systems added any real value over stock Android. It certainly always ran smoother and felt like more of a complete experience.

I guess my only gripe at this stage (although it’s unclear at the moment) is that it’s only available on T-Mobile and AT&T and presumably then US only.


3 thoughts on “Google Samsung Galaxy S4

  1. I doubt Google did much else than ask Samsung to sell it like this, and as such it is a joint experiment, although I think both companies want to see different things…

    To me, the main problem has been technical in the fact that if Google changes and APIs/ABIs in an update it screws their compatibility and they have to rebuild the whole skin, but if the way a skin interacts with the base system is given a stable API to work from across Android versions then you could theoretically update the base Android without the skin complaining. I am hoping something like this is what they are working towards, because I want to see more from OEM skins, I want them to go further and create their own experience, but I do still want it to be Android underneath so that the skin can always be taken off and you can get stock.

    • I’ve thought about that but in my head it keeps coming to the drivers and custom hardware that they invariably have to update the Android OS itself which isn’t always related to the APIs. They’d essentially be launchers but I don’t think they want that.

  2. Open sourcing of drivers would be immensely beneficial, but unfortunately due to patents most companies who love nothing better cannot do it.

    If Android became more modular like a full Linux desktop there would be no problem in having skins that do whatever you want them to do. Android could be updated underneath, and the parts still work – even if they’re forked versions of the stock Android with some changes – and then they can be updated at the pace of the OEM. Users who then care about what those components are replacing (say Google brings out an awesome feature in the settings that HTC hasn’t used in their settings component, they can disable the HTC settings and use the stock one.

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