Swiftkey’s 3 most important missing features

** UPDATE April 2014: Swiftkey has a custom dictionary and Emoji support is in beta **

There are in my opinion a few features missing from Swiftkey that would make it the best keyboard on any platform.

  1. Auto fill keyboard shortcuts
  2. Custom dictionary
  3. Emoji as an input language

1. Auto fill keyboard shortcuts, I want to be able to type ’eml’ and have my full email address populate or type ‘phn’ and have my phone number populate. It’s a time saving feature and perhaps for the more advanced users but it’s very important. An even better idea is to integrate this with the existing Android personal dictionary.

2. Custom dictionaries would work by allowing you to add everyday words that use to the Swiftkey dictionary, much like Android and iOS (to some extent) allow this. For example your email should be added as an auto complete. This can be integrated as part of the keyboard by long pressing any of the words that it completes. It would speed up auto complete and make it much more efficient.

3. Emoji as an input language, this is very important for the younger generations. It would mean not having to install a new keyboard just to support this, a quick swipe on the space bar and you’ve got a built in emoji keyboard. It could even be easier, just replace the smiley face menu with an emoji keyboard.

I still love using Swiftkey and with the latest addition of Flow it makes typing very quick. Next word prediction gets better and better as you use it meaning the user will be more and more efficient when they type. Something that is very important for mobile users. 

Let me know in the comments if you think there are any other missing features from Swiftkey.

Edit: It has been pointed out that Swiftkey already does add emails to the dictionary by typing out the email then pressing the auto complete to ‘remember’ it.


4 thoughts on “Swiftkey’s 3 most important missing features

  1. ” just replace the smiley face menu with an emoji keyboard ”

    that would be outstanding !!!!! most of the application are now emoji compatible, but really a few include the emoji UI, so we need a emoji keyboard caus i don’t want to change my fav keyboard 😉

  2. Uh. Custom dictionary? You do know that Swiftkey automatically adds new words if you select them right? And you can remove those new words by long pressing on the word when it shows up in the word selection list. That seems like a pretty custom dictionary to me.

  3. The thing I’m missing is the ability to stamp the current time and date to my memos, documents, emails, etc, with one keystroke.
    This would be on my wishlist.

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