Facebook Graph Search is the wrong angle

Facebook has gone about this in the wrong angle. What I would have liked to see is a news feed dedicated to content discovery from my Facebook friends or publicly shared content with a filter to get content based on my location such as city or country, my age group, status, likes.. etc.  Facebook should be about content discovery, not search.


I kind of like the idea of it, I’ve personally always wanted to be able to explore more about my friends, I have an interest in datasets and statistics. Although I can honestly say I can’t see many of my Facebook friends using this feature apart from ‘stalking’ purposes, as taboo as that sounds lets face it.. that’s what a lot of Facebook is about. A lot of friends won’t be bothering or even caring about this kind of information in a meaningful way makes this Graph Search a tough idea to sell.

I can already see people complaining that their data is now searchable. It always has been in a way, it’s just easier now.

This kind of information is always based on what people want you to know and it’s very limiting to your social circle and how competent they are in using Facebook. Who’s to say that my friend is the authority on rock climbing or eating the finest Tuna sashimi?


I don’t think it threatens Google in search. This is just a nice to have gimmick, it won’t ever have the capability to grow outside of your Facebook friends not unless the data is de-identified or we live in a world where people are OK with sharing this much data publicly.

Find out more and sign up for the wait list here.


One thought on “Facebook Graph Search is the wrong angle

  1. lol, lol, lol.
    I cracked up so hard because facebook is the opposite of search or ‘get what you want’. Their supposed targeted ads are way off and trying to find someone without giving up your email address list or login details to another site is darn near impossible.

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