Windows 8 on a touch screen laptop, the future

Ever since Microsoft has released information about Windows 8 and how it was going to be a dual input OS I knew right away that touch screen laptops would be the perfect form factor for it. This I believe is Microsofts vision, that touch combined with keyboard/mouse is the future. It’s the ideal form factor. It combines touch (natural input) and mouse/keyboard (precise input) into one. Some things are better done by touch and some thing are better done by keyboard/mouse. Microsoft know this (so does Apple) and they’re doing everything they can to get a lead on it.

You can ignore the current negative reviews about Windows 8 since they’re usually either about the Surface RT or Windows 8 without a touch screen  Instead pay attention to reviews about laptops with a touch screen  They’re what you should be looking at purchasing next.

Sure a ‘dual’ OS might be confusing for now but this is something that users will get used to and I’m sure grow to love.

They’ll get used to reaching for the keyboard to type (much better than a software keyboard that takes up half the real estate of the application or app they’re using) and back up to the screen to bring up charms. A learning curve keeps us sharp.

Apple and Microsoft both know this but perhaps Microsoft is banking on it more. Microsoft come from a long and steady market and Apple is new to success so they’re going about it a much slower way. Apple is still riding on their new touch devices success while Microsoft know that they need to change quickly to stay ahead.

The precision of a keyboard and mouse is too good to be taken over by touch. They’ll be the choice in productive input until you can control input directly via your brain.

I’ve been using Windows 8 on my Vaio laptop for the past month and I have to say that I’m liking it, to everyone complaining about the new start screen, here’s how I look at it: It’s a new start menu, tell me how much time did you actually spend in the old start menu? If all your apps are predominately desktop apps then you’ll barely be in the start screen and if they’re mostly touch screen apps then it’s a nice dashboard.


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