Google Maps is now available for iPhone

Here it is Steve Jobs, an ice cold cup of water for your iOS hell. Google have done a terrific job with this app. It’s UX is outstanding, it’s maps are beautiful, it’s fast and fluid, it offers driving, walking and most importantly (to me) public transport directions as well as turn by turn navigation which Apple themselves couldn’t offer me on the same iOS version.. weird huh?

It ceases to amaze me how Apple constantly ignore older devices, turn by turn navigation and panorama mode just to name a couple of features that should have been available to my iPhone 4. But they’re not and people still call Apple the best when the clearly couldn’t give a damn about you the user after you buy their devices. Yearly updates rather than incremental updates ensure that they don’t have to give any old devices everything new.

Google Maps

It’s probably the fastest app I have on my iPhone 4 running iOS6. Download it here.

Google Maps is now available for iPhone


4 thoughts on “Google Maps is now available for iPhone

      • I haven’t tried it. It is a bit of a interesting point to ponder how Google is releasing really high quality and in most cases better apps on iOS. I tend to think it’s just because they’re using design cues that they’ve been developing for Android but who knows.

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