Hey video calling software developers listen up!

Why is that in futuristic concept videos you always see an incoming video call that’s live before you answer? You see the person calling you waving and making pick up gestures and in the foreground there are the usual hang up/pick up buttons.

Why isn’t this implemented already? Imagine getting a Skype call and before you answer you can see who’s on the other side they’re showing you something that they want to talk to you about or waving and making pick up the phone gestures to entice you to answer. I’m sure this would increase communication between users as it’s easier to answer when you know what’s coming.

It’s almost like the Google+ hangout feature where you sit there on webcam and wait for people to join you, the users can see what you’re doing and if they’re interested they can join you.

Skype already turns your webcam on when you initiate a video call before the other person answers, why not transmit that as part of the call?

I’m sure there is no technological or privacy barriers here… so come on Skype, Apple, Google, Facebook, ooVoo, Tango, Viber and all the rest, make it happen.


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