Hey Zynga how about some stats for Words With Friends?

There really hasn’t been any decent updates to Words With Friends in a long time. I mean there have been updates but nothing special and mostly cosmetic changes to the menus and additions such as passive aggressive ads to play other Zynga games. In-app purchases should be about adding value to the game, not helping you cheat or gain an advantage over other players.

Your current list of in-app purchases are appalling.

Word-O-Meter ($2.99 for 99 uses)  is basically telling you that there are better words than what you’re about to play.

Tile Pile  ($0.99 for 99 uses) counts how many letters are left on the board so that a user can better position their words defensively/offensively.

Ultimate Play Pack  ($14.99) for an unlimited amount of cheating.

If any Words with Friends players are like me, they keep playing game after game with their friends and unknowns. So why not add a statistics aspect to it? That in-app purchase I would buy for $1-$3.

Individual statistics between you and friends as well as your global statistics, examples such as:

  • Win/loss ratio
  • Total games played/completed
  • Popular words (in a tag cloud)
  • Highest word score
  • Highest game score
  • How many TW,DW,TL,DL tiles you’ve used

There’s much more you can build on over time like making these statistics publishable to social media for bragging rights as well as including them in a global scoring database where users can rank themselves amongst global and local rankings. Zynga can then apply this concept to their other games like Chess with Friends (Which for some reason isn’t popular?!), Hanging With Friends, Draw Something and all their other With Friends games.

Oh and while you’re at it STOP ASKING ME TO LOGIN TO FACEBOOK!

2 thoughts on “Hey Zynga how about some stats for Words With Friends?

  1. I think these companies stopped trying to get people to enagage meaningfully a long time ago. Things like scores and replays and stuff are great for organically incresing a userbase and keeping them. Annoying the shit out of people with notifications and spam may get more people short-term and all they care about is getting people addicted so they’ll pay the mega-bucks for idiot-sinks like Farmville 2.

  2. The algorithm executed to draw letters is appealing. There are wild swings. I have played multiple 7-8 character words, whilst my opponent has had 3-4 letter words turn after turn. And I have been a victim of the same. After playing scrabble for years, I can tell you that there is *no possible way* the the drawing algorithm is pure and unbiased. The software developers should have their fingers nailed to a keyboard with 16 penny nails.

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