An itteration to the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5

iPhone 5

They’re always announcing something “cool” and always working on “some cool stuff”. This year as it turns out is another iteration not innovation year. Watching the Apple keynote there is clapping for things like an updated connecter, compare that to the Amazon keynote where there was maybe 2 claps.

So let’s see what’s new updated this year on the iPhone.

A 4″ screen that is only larger in length not width, you can sum it up easily by saying that it now allows an extra row of icons on the home screen.

4G/LTE, only a year later on this and not likely available in Australia.

A new dock connecter after 10 years of the same. I like the fact that it’s bidirectional which means it doesn’t matter which way you plug it into the iPhone it’ll work either way. Everyone knows they have issues plugging in the USB plugs. With that a set of new earphones.

On the software side there’s a new maps app that has turn by turn navigation included as well as local information (Sound familiar? Well it’s what Google has been winning awards with year after year with Google maps for Android, it’s not like Google couldn’t do this on iOS it was Apples fault because they owned the app. Google will introduce it’s maps app on iOS soon).

Passbook app which is another copycat app that basically allows you to store your cards and coupons. 1 notably missing feature from this implementation is NFC.

Photostream sharing is a roundabout way of being social, sharing selected photos with other iOS users so they can view and comment on them. A waste of software developers time since Facebook and eMail do the same thing.

Enhanced Siri but you’ve no doubt seen how much faster and better Google Now is.

There are other smaller enhancements here and there as expected.

iTunes has been updated with a new overdue App store and other general features. I must say the new design looks good, let’s hope that speed wasn’t a sacrifice because as well know iTunes on Windows is creating hell on purpose. They’ve also axed Ping because Apple realised they couldn’t do social without Facebook and Twitter.


3 thoughts on “An itteration to the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5

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  2. Just a question to someone who has used both platforms: is Apple’s facebook integration any better/different than what Android has had form day one with Accounts?

    • I can tell you and I haven’t used it yet. No. Especially if you look at it from the sharing intents point of view. They built it into a few of the default Apple apps. Now developers have to manually add share to FB explicitly not like Android where they just use the share intents API.

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