Busy day for Amazon

And do you know how I know? I went to Amazon.com to purchase a mouse and on the front page was a big ad about the new Kindle family. The disappointing part is that all the new Kindles are still only available to American customers. Why is this still an issue for Amazon? Can they not handle distribution or is it about the content contracts not allowed outside the US?

Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ also available in 4G – An 8.9″ 1920 x 1200 resolution 254 PPI tablet that comes with either 32 or 64GB, dual band WiFi

Kindle Fire HD (Updated original Kindle Fire) – It’s an upgraded version of the original, twice the RAM and 40% faster with longer battery life at an updated $159.

Kindle Paperwhite also available in 3G – What I still don’t like about these devices is the way the screen refreshes, it always looks like it’s breaking before the screen refreshes to the next page. The new light technology behind it is amazing though and they’re claiming 8 weeks with the light on full brightness. If you’re a book lover I don’t understand why you wouldn’t get one of these? It’s $119 and for the 3G version which means free 3G is $179.

Kindle – The original Kindle is now $69 down from $79, an excellent entry point.

There are so many features available in this ecosystem like WhisperSync for pretty much all content including games, it’s funny I was thinking in my head right before Jeff announced it, WhisperSync between the audio book and the text textbook and what do you know he announced it. Very smart feature I think. Basically if you’re listening to an audio book you can pick up right where that left off in the textbook. X-Ray for Movie and textbooks which basically means you can find out more about characters in the movie and actors biographies basically integrated in app IMDB or definitions and youtube videos for textbooks. Kindle FreeTime which allows you to set different time limits for different services like games, apps, movies and books.

If you’re in the US and subscribed to Amazon Prime and are a general user of technology then this is the tablet for you.



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