Busy day for Samsung

Samsung has announced a few devices today at IFA 2012.

Galaxy Note II – This is just a bigger pen friendly version of the Galaxy S III.

Ativ S – Again this looks like the S III but has Windows Phone 8 instead of Android.

Ativ Tab – a Windows 8 RT tablet, looks good.

Ativ Smart PC and Smart PC Pro – These are basically Windows 8 tablets with a keyboard that can be attached and closed to form a laptop.

Galaxy Camera – This is perhaps the most interesting out of all, a 16MP 21 optical zoom Android 4.1 camera. To me this is awesome, it is full Android with WiFi and 3G/4G as well as being a proper camera with a proper sensor. Think of all the photos you can take then edit and upload. You can take and send upload photos via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Path, Flickr etc. You can take a photo and email it straight away or post it to a blog. The beauty of it is you can use the 1000s of photography apps that Android has to offer like Vignette, Paper Camera, Pano, Adobe Photoshop Express to edit the photos on the go as well. So many possibilities.


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