Googorola vs Apple

Google was backed into a corner plain and simple. Apple and Microsoft are both winning against Android OEMs in court and in licencing deals. Call Google hypocrites all you want but what is the other option? Sit there and take it? Google has been backed into a corner. They’re striking back through Motorola.

Patent 6,983,370 is particularly interesting, it relates to synchronising messages across systems which means Motorola is going after any device that uses it’s messages app such as iPod, iPhone, iPad and even OSX.

I personally can’t wait for Google to sue Apple for their blatantly copied notifications system. Their patent is currently pending for it. How is Apple going to play that game? They go after people who copy them when they copy themselves.

Don’t get me wrong Apples win against Samsung is warranted because you can clearly tell their earlier Galaxy devices looked and behaved like an iPhone. Unfortunately it came down to patents lie bounce scroll and pinch to zoom.


4 thoughts on “Googorola vs Apple

  1. It will be interesting. Google’s lawyers have proven themselves competent in Oracle vs. Google so this should be easy if it’s fair.

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