Apple vs Samsung

Well the decision has been made by the jury, Apple has won a $1 billion in damages even though it asked for over $2 billion. I am a bit torn about the decision, on the one hand if you look at Samsungs earlier devices post iPhone then you can clearly see a rip off from the hardware all the way to how Touchwiz feels in general. The way their icons looked with rounded square backgrounds just screams rip off, it was obvious.

On the other hand some of the patents they won particularly pinch to zoom and bounce scroll should not have been allowed to be patented in the first place. How can someone patent a gesture? If I were to come up with a new way to jump higher should I be able to patent it?

Good on Apple in the end for winning, bad luck Samsung on losing the battle. Although I think that Samsung has won the war here, just a mere $1 billion it cost them to climb to the number 2 spot. I feel sorry for the other companies who now have to think seriously about their position against Apple, Apple has plenty of ammo now.