Suggestions: Twitter

Specifically 2 areas which flow from website to apps.

  1. Twitter needs a timeline sync feature where no matter what device you’re on, you can pick up where you left off. Say you’re on the site and you’re reading your tweets but have to go somewhere, all you’d need to do is pick up your mobile and go to the twitter app which would greet you where you left off so you don’t miss any tweets.
  2. The “Load more” algorithm needs to be tweaked or have an option to disable it so that the apps always load all. This would be aimed at twitter users that don’t follow a lot of people and tend to avoid spammy users. For users who are genuinely interested in reading all their tweets. It’s frustrating when you want to catch up but have to click load more.
  3. A photo browser of the users posted photos on mobile, that includes Twitter and other photo sharing sites that they embed already.

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