Google is taking over iOS

If Google continues this trend and supplies this solution to iOS developers then goodbye mobile Safari, hello Chrome!

Apple is likely squirming because they can’t deny Google this. I like it. Which makes me think the Google search app on iOS that Google announced would drop shortly hasn’t yet! Could it because it does the same thing and Apple is somehow delaying it? Conspiracy time.

On a more positive note, app linking is awesome! I can’t tell you how much time it saves and how much better it is to open web links directly to apps and have apps link to other apps like the Facebook app does. Quora is another example of an app that does this linking.


4 thoughts on “Google is taking over iOS

      • The problem now, and I think Apple knows this, is that most people using an iPhone now aren’t going to switch unless they really have to. There are people at my work who have invested hundreds of dollars on stuff that only work with Apple devices which means Apple can charge them 10c to unlock their phone and they’ll shrug and ask where they put their CC details.
        The people that cared about things like Apple’s censorship left for other platforms already.

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