Flash for Android dies

Steve Jobs was right in his open letter to Adobe, they could never get it to work without sucking the life out of the battery or without performance issues(not always). I’m however surprised that they’ve made this decision so soon in the game especially since some marketing campaigns mention “The full web” because their tablet or phone includes flash. I wonder how this was taken at Google and what lengths if any were taken by them to prolong Flash on Android.

This paves the way for HTML5 now, it’s full steam ahead (not that it wasn’t the case) which is a good thing. Though some of the issues that Flash had are still noticeable with HTML5 such as the fact that it also can be CPU intensive and a memory hog. But at least it’s the new universal native standard.

Flash for Android dies today, long live the ‘full web experience’ | The Verge.


2 thoughts on “Flash for Android dies

  1. HTML5 is a terrible stand-in for Flash. With Flash you were promised a uniform look and feel across many platforms… with HTML5 you can’t even get the same experience on the same platform if you use a different browser.

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