Building the search engine of the future

Google has announced today that it will start publishing it’s knowledge graph changes to all English speaking countries. This is exciting because now by default on the domain Australians will experience it first hand. Previously we could only access the knowledge graph by searching on

Google is also rolling out an opt in service where searching on the Google website will also search your personal Gmail emails. They’re obviously rolling out this way to avoid any outcry from users about Google indexing thier emails (Which they do anyway). I can see some implications where for example I’m logged in and a friend borrows my device and Googles something which then shows results from my Gmail possibly exposing private information. I can see Microsoft using this as part of their arsenal of why you should switch to the new, as they’ve mentioned before “We don’t scan your email content or attachments and sell this information to advertisers or any other company”.

I’m holding off on trying it just yet, mainly because you can only use it on for now.

Building the search engine of the future, one baby step at a time | Official Google Blog


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